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GIIGNL Information Paper – Questions and Answers (Q&A’s)

GIIGNL Information Paper N°6 – Managing LNG Risks – Industry Safeguard Systems

GIIGNL Information Paper N°5 – Managing LNG Risks – Containment

GIIGNL Information Paper N°4 – Managing LNG Risks – Operational Integrity, Regulations, Codes and Industry Organisations

GIIGNL Information Paper N°3 – LNG Ships

GIIGNL Information Paper N°2 – The LNG Process Chain

GIIGNL Information Paper N°1 – Basic Properties of LNG

Lessons Learnt – Overflow of LNG from the cargo tank mast

This note describes the causes of an LNG release during the unloading of an LNG carrier in 2015, and makes recommendations based on these for implementation or consideration by onshore LNG terminal operators. The recommendations are grouped into those for immediate action and those which may require research or technical development.

Custody Transfer 5th edition (2017)

This fifth (2017) edition of the GIIGNL LNG Custody Transfer Handbook reflects GIIGNL’s understanding of best current practice at the time of publication.

The purpose of this handbook is to serve as a reference manual to assist readers to understand the procedures and equipment available to and used by the members of GIIGNL to determine the energy quantity of LNG transferred between LNG ships and LNG terminals. It is neither a standard nor a specification.

Worldwide Experience of Receiving Terminal Low Send-Out Periods