GIIGNL releases new edition (2017) of the Custody Transfer Handbook

March 22, 2017

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The GIIGNL LNG Custody Transfer Handbook provides practical guidance on the equipment and methodology for determining the thermal energy of LNG transported by ship for the specific purpose of title transfer.


For this updated (2017) version of the GIIGNL LNG Custody Transfer Handbook, GIIGNL has mandated its Technical Study Group to consult with the LNG industry on a worldwide basis. The international group of experts responsible for the update, led by Fluxys LNG, comprised a diversified panel of professionals from companies involved in custody transfer operations.  

The goal was to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions and to address the latest commercial practices. The new version of the Handbook includes measurement procedures and equipment in relation to new technical operations such as:

  • partial (un)loading
  • reloading at LNG import terminals
  • ship-to-ship LNG transfer
  • small ship-to-shore LNG operations

More than pointing at the differences and highlighting the points of attention when dealing with these new operations, this 2017 version provides answers and solutions for setting up slightly altered or new custody transfer procedures.

Stijn Maelfeyt, Plant Operations Manager at Fluxys LNG and leader of the working group of experts, said: “The  reason for the proposed changes is of truly technical nature and GIIGNL considers it as its duty to inform the LNG industry about this and its impact.”

According to Vincent Demoury, General Delegate of GIIGNL: “The Handbook is intended to serve as a reference manual but not as a standard or a specification. It has been updated to include the most advanced measurement technology, operational practices and international standards available to or used by all parties involved in custody transfer operations.”

The 2017 GIIGNL LNG Custody Transfer Handbook is publicly available free of charge on the GIIGNL website (


For more details, please contact:

Vincent Demoury, General Delegate, GIIGNL on:

+ 33 156 655 160 or