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LNG Information Papers

The GIIGNL Technical Study Group developed a series of Information Papers to provide public readers with factual information about LNG, its technology and the industry’s multiple layers of safety.

The papers in the series are:

– GIIGNL Information Paper N°1 – Basic Properties of LNG

– GIIGNL Information Paper N°2 – The LNG Process Chain

– GIIGNL Information Paper N°3 – LNG Ships

– GIIGNL Information Paper N°4 – Managing LNG Risks – Operational Integrity, Regulations, Codes and Industry Organisations

– GIIGNL Information Paper N°5 – Managing LNG Risks – Containment

– GIIGNL Information Paper N°6 – Managing LNG Risks – Industry Safeguard Systems

– GIIGNL Information Paper – Questions and Answers (Q&A’s)

The excellent safety record of LNG worldwide is a result of proven and detailed industry standards, strong regulations, and an industry commitment to risk management. For all LNG facilities, multiple layers of protection are implemented to minimize the likelihood of an LNG release and, if a release occurs, to mitigate the consequences.