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October 7, 2021

European gas prices reach record levels

TTF day-ahead natural gas price exceeded 114 €/MWh (around $39/MMbtu) on October 6, 2021. European gas prices reached record levels due to a combination of factors: post-pandemic economic recovery, stronger seasonal and ahead-of-season gas demand worldwide and other weather-related drivers, tighter-than-expected supply, lower storage levels in Europe, lower-than-usual availability of renewable energy and steadily growing carbon prices.


September 29, 2021

QP signs 15-year LNG SPA with CNOOC

Qatar Petroleum signed a 15-year LNG SPA with CNOOC Gas and Power Trading and Marketing Ltd, a subsidiary of CNOOC, for the supply of 3.5 MTPA. According to the agreement LNG supplies will start in January 2022. ​

Edited from Qatar Petroleum press release


September 29, 2021

Fire incident at Bintulu LNG plant

Petronas reported a fire incident at its LNG complex in Bintulu. A fire broke out at the sea cooling water outfall channel located outside the complex’ process area. The plant’s emergency response team extinguished the fire in less than thirty minutes. According to Petronas, the incident has not affected operations of the plant. An investigation is being carried out to determine the cause of the incident.

Edited from Petronas press release


September 23, 2021

First carbon-offset LNG delivered in Spain

Naturgy delivered its first carbon-offset LNG cargo in Spain. The cargo was delivered by Castillo de Mérida from Qatar to the Barcelona LNG Terminal. The associated carbon emissions from wellhead to discharge terminal have been offset through carbon credits.

Edited from Naturgy press release


September 10, 2021

Small-scale LNG Ravenna terminal receives first cargo

Edison unloaded the first LNG cargo destined for the test phase of the new small-scale coastal depot in the port of Ravenna (Italy). The cargo was delivered by Ravenna Knutsen LNG carrier from Barcelona LNG terminal. The Ravenna terminal, built for the handling and storage of LNG for refueling purposes and owned by Depositi Italiani GNL (DIG), is expected to start operations at the end of October.

Edited from Edison and PIR Group press releases