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August 23, 2021

LNG Canada raised the roof

LNG Canada liquefaction project, located in Kitimat, airlifted the roof of its LNG storage tank of a 225 000 m3 capacity. The roof of a 92 m diameter made of steel was lifted using light air pressure from fans at 22 millibars. The lift took almost three hours. Earlier, in June the project took delivery of its first main cryogenic heat exchanger and pre-cooler units.

Edited from LNG Canada press release


August 6, 2021

Repsol becomes full owner of Canaport LNG

Spanish oil and gas company Repsol bought from Canadian oil and natural gas company Irving Oil the remaining 25% of interest in Canaport LNG terminal, located in St John, New Brunswick in Canada. Repsol initially held a 75% stake. The transaction gives Repsol full ownership of the 7.4 MTPA facility.

Edited from Irving Oil press release


July 30, 2021

270 000 cm storage tanks for Dangjin LNG terminal

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction and Kuil Construction won a 53M$ contract to build 4 storage tanks of a 270 000 m3 capacity each at a proposed by KOGAS LNG terminal in Dangjin. The terminal is assumed to have 10 LNG tanks in total. KOGAS plans to complete the construction of the terminal by 2031.


July 29, 2021

Tellurian signs SPA with Shell

Tellurian signed a 10-year SPA with Shell for 3 MTPA of LNG to be taken from Driftwood LNG on a FOB basis, indexed to a combination of JKM and TTF, netted back for transportation charges. This agreement brings the total contracted capacity of Driftwood LNG to 9 MTPA, which is close to the capacity of its first two trains.

Edited from Tellurian press release


July 27, 2021

PGNiG signs SPAs with Venture Global and MoU with Sempra

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) signed 20-year SPAs with Venture Global for 2 MTPA in total. Out of these volumes, 0.5 MTPA will be taken from Calcasieu Pass and 1.5 MTPA from Plaquemines LNG, on a FOB basis from both plants. The volume of LNG contracted from Venture Global LNG by PGNiG totals 5.5 MTPA. The first deliveries from Calcasieu Pass are expected in 2023.


PGNiG decided to terminate the SPA with Sempra LNG for a 2 MTPA offtake from Port Arthur LNG due to delays in the project’s development. Simultaneously PGNiG and Sempra signed an MoU for a possible shift of these volumes to other liquefaction projects from Sempra LNG’s portfolio. As part of the MOU, Sempra and PGNiG will work toward a framework for the reporting, mitigation and reduction of GHG emissions throughout the LNG value chain.


Edited from PGNiG press releases