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You will find in this section the latest public news regarding the liquefied natural gas market, regulation and innovations. Please type any keyword in the search box and /or use the  ”area”, “topic” and “date” filters to refine your search. Feel free to submit your news to GIIGNL using the contact form.


July 15, 2020

JERA takes stake in Bangladesh CCGT

 $644 million will be granted in form of loans from public and private Japanese lenders to a 718-megawatt plant power plant in Bangladesh fueled with LNG owned partly by JERA. The power plant will be located 40 km from the capital Dhaka and is to begin commercial operations in 2022 .The electricity will be sold to a state-owned provider.



July 15, 2020

Energy transition bond to finance Hong Kong FSRU

A  $350 million Energy Transition Bond has been issued to support Hong Kong's transition towards a lower carbon future, through the financing of  an offshore Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) receiving terminal  and its associated pipeline and gas receiving station. This will enable CLP Holdings to buy gas directly from more diversified sources for its gas-fired power generation facilities, including two new combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) units being developed at Black Point Power Station.


July 9, 2020

BP and ENN sign gas supply contract

BP and ENN have signed a 2 year gas supply agreement, starting in January of 2021, for the supply of an equivalent 300,000 tonnes of LNG in gas form annually from the Guangdong Dapeng LNG terminal


July 9, 2020

Cyprus starts construction of FSRU facility

The FSRU terminal in Cyprus has started construction after a groundbreaking ceremony held on July 9 marking the start  at Vassilikos. The project is planned to be operating by the end of 2022. The use of gas is expected to enable the country to reduce its reliance on oil imports and reduce the cost of electricity to consumers, which are amongst the highest prices in the EU. The LNG terminal will be owned by the government through the Natural Gas Infrastructure Company of Cyprus (ETYFA), a subsidiary of the Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA), and will supply gas to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC), which will have six gas-fired generation units in operation by 2023.


July 8, 2020

EU Hydrogen Strategy Launched

The European Commission has launched the its Communication on the “EU Hydrogen Strategy” which sets the framework to promote this energy vector by transforming its potential, through investments, regulation, market creation and research and innovation. The Hydrogen Strategy, was published together with Communication on “EU Strategy for Energy System Integration” which sets the framework for the energy system to be planned and operated as a whole, linking different energy carriers, infrastructures, and consumption sectors.

Edited from the European Commission’s website