Becoming a Member of GIIGNL

GIIGNL consists of Full and Associate Members.

To become a Full Member of GIIGNL, it is normally necessary for a company to have equity interest in or to make long-term imports through an LNG terminal. Associate Membership is normally available to applicants who have entered into a contract to build or to make short-term imports through an LNG terminal.

Each member, whether full or associate, is physically represented by a person designated by his company, typically the Chairman or CEO of the member organization and an alternate. The exact requirements for Membership are given in the latest version of the GIIGNL bylaws.

Annual membership fees:

  • Full Members: 11,900 EURO per company.
  • Associate Members: 10,900 EURO per company.

Benefits of GIIGNL Membership

  • Networking with 94 LNG importing companies and nearly all companies involved in the operation of LNG terminals worldwide.
  • Access to information that is exclusive to Members, such as industry statistics, incident identification database, study group reports.
  • Access and participation to the Technical Study Group (twice a year).
  • Access and participation to the Commercial Study Group (twice a year).
  • Regular updates on matters affecting the industry such as legislation, either new or pending, technical or operational developments.
  • Access to the technical and commercial library maintained in the Paris Central-Office.
  • Submitting proposals for new studies to the General Assembly.
  • At each General Assembly and Executive Committee meeting: access to high-level discussions (CEO and Senior Representatives) with other Member Companies on topics of mutual interest & opportunity to showcase new projects to other LNG companies.
  • Free of charge copy of all GIIGNL publications.
  • Free access to the Members area of the GIIGNL website
  • Free access to the LNG Web Info portal for updated LNG information as required to conduct compatibility studies.

How to apply for membership?

In order to become a GIIGNL member, please send the application form to

The application will be submitted to the Executive Committee who will make a preliminary determination of the qualifications of a prospective full or associate member in line with Article 5 of the GIIGNL By-Laws, and if successful, be put forward to the next General Assembly.

By-laws & Anti-trust

A copy of the Group’s complete By-laws is available in English and French:

Statuts (French version)

By-laws (English version)

Activities and meetings of GIIGNL are conducted in strict compliance with competition law and observance of the following anti-trust guidelines:

Anti-trust guidelines


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