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GIIGNL 2024 Annual Report

2024 Master Sale and Purchase Agreement – Template and Note

LNG market update 2023

LNG Market Update H1 2023

GIIGNL 2023 Annual Report

GIIGNL 2022 Retail LNG Information Paper 8

GIIGNL AFG 24/11/2022



LNG PCC 2022


GIIGNL 2022 Annual Report

2022 GIIGNL Executive Committee Declaration

GIIGNL Press Release: long-term agreements, investments and all possible measures in LNG is critical to energy security, economic stability & decarbonization

GIIGNL Information Paper N°7 – FSRU (Floating Storage Regasification Unit)

MRV and GHG Neutral LNG Framework

GIIGNL MRV and GHG Neutral LNG Framework – Executive Summary

GIIGNL MRV and GHG Neutral Framework – Cargo Statement

GIIGNL MRV and GHG Neutral Framework – Appendices

GIIGNL MRV and GHG Neutral LNG Framework Questions and Answers

Custody Transfer Handbook 6th edition (2021)

Safety Measures for Truck Loading, Unloading and Road Transport of LNG

GIIGNL 2021 Annual Report

LNG and decarbonization

LNG Demand in a Post-Covid19 and Decarbonizing World

LNG carbon offsetting: fleeting trend or sustainable practice?

GIIGNL 2020 Annual Report

LNG terminals trends and developments

Guidelines for the Reloading of LNG Carriers at LNG import terminals

GIIGNL 2019 Annual Report Update – Flame

The future of natural gas and LNG

The vital role of natural gas for a sustainable energy future / Vers un âge d’or du GNL ?

Asia-Pacific: a key growth driver of the world LNG market

Why is China so relevant for the global energy industry?

Le GNL: un produit disponible et en croissance

GIIGNL 2019 Annual Report

GIIGNL Information Paper – Questions and Answers (Q&A’s)

GIIGNL Information Paper N°6 – Managing LNG Risks – Industry Safeguard Systems

GIIGNL Information Paper N°5 – Managing LNG Risks – Containment

GIIGNL Information Paper N°4 – Managing LNG Risks – Operational Integrity, Regulations, Codes and Industry Organisations

GIIGNL Information Paper N°3 – LNG Ships

GIIGNL Information Paper N°2 – The LNG Process Chain

GIIGNL Information Paper N°1 – Basic Properties of LNG

Lessons Learnt – Overflow of LNG from the cargo tank mast

Mapping of ISO LNG standards

LNG: A clean and flexible solution for a responsible energy future

LNG Incident Identification Study (WGC Presentation) – 2018

GIIGNL 2018 Annual Report

GIIGNL 2017 Annual Report

Custody Transfer 5th edition (2017)

LNG18 Presentation on the State of the LNG Industry

GIIGNL 2016 Annual Report


Worldwide Experience of Receiving Terminal Low Send-Out Periods

Retail LNG Handbook

Position paper on the impact of including methane number in natural gas regulation

GIIGNL 2014 Annual Report

LNG Shipping at 50

Rollover in LNG Storage Tanks 2012-2015

GIIGNL 2013 Annual Report

Strategies for Securing Asia’s Gas Demand

HNS Convention

Overland Transportation of LNG (AFG Roundtable)

LNG Voyage Charter Party

New Markets for the LNG industry

2010 Third-Party Access Report

LNG Custody Transfer Handbook 4th ed.

GIIGNL 2012 Annual Report

GIIGNL 2011 Annual Report

GIIGNL 2010 Annual Report

GIIGNL 2009 Annual Report

GIIGNL 2008 Annual Report

GIIGNL 2007 Annual Report

GIIGNL 2006 Annual Report

GIIGNL 2005 Annual Report

GIIGNL 2004 Annual Report