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Jean Abiteboul - LNG Producer Consumer Conference 2022

Vincent Demoury at Flame 2022

BFM TV, V. Demoury: Guerre en Ukraine, les alternatives de l'Europe pour se passer du gaz russe

LNG TV : Interview to Vincent Demoury at the World LNG Summit

GIIGNL Video Message

GIIGNL Webinar 2021 Annual Report "The State of the LNG Industry"

GIIGNL Video Message

Japanese Economy Minister on the future of LNG

The Increasingly Complex Outlook for the LNG Market


LNG- Safe Fuel

LNG: The Cost Efficiency Imperative

Natural gas and LNG in the context of energy transition (McKinsey)

The new energy landscape: a game changer for LNG ?

01 abonnees Implications for LNG in a Post-Paris World

LNG in transportation: opportunities and challenges

GIIGNL 2018 Annual Report

GIIGNL 2018 Annual Report