First cargo at Manga LNG terminal (Finland)

November 19, 2017

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The first cargo of LNG has arrived today at the Tornio LNG import terminal in Finland. LNG was shipped to the terminal by Coral Energy, a time-chartered LNGC operated by Skangas. 

The Manga LNG import terminal in Röyttä Harbor, Tornio, is a joint venture of the industrial companies Outokumpu and SSAB Europe, the energy company EPV Energy and the LNG company Skangas. The terminal will serve the entire Bay of Bothnia region as well as industrial and mining operators, maritime transport and heavy-duty road transport in Northern Finland, Northern Sweden and Northern Norway. Maritime transport customers will include LNG-powered cargo ships and the new icebreaker Polaris. Once completed in summer 2018, the import terminal will be the largest LNG terminal in the Nordic countries and the second LNG terminal in Finland. 

The project’s total investment is around €110 million.

Edited from Gasum press release.