Incident at Freeport LNG

June 12, 2022

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An incident occurred at the Freeport LNG liquefaction plant on June 8th, according to preliminary estimations due to the overpressure and rupture of a segment of an LNG transfer line connecting the facility’s LNG storage tanks to the terminal’s dock facilities. This led to the rapid flashing of LNG and the release and ignition of the natural gas vapor cloud, which provoked a fire at the facility. The fire was extinguished approximately 40 minutes after the initial incident. None of the liquefaction trains, LNG storage tanks, dock facilities, or LNG process areas were impacted. Neither injuries nor immediate risk to Freeport LNG personnel or the surrounding community were reported. Investigations into the cause of the incident and what steps are necessary to safely resume liquefaction operations, are ongoing. Return to full plant operations is not expected until late 2022. A resumption of partial operations is targeted to be achieved in approximately 90 days.

Edited from Freeport Press Release