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Hungary opens its first LNG filling station

July 2, 2019

Hungary opens its first LNG filling station

Hungary has opened its first filling station for LNG in the south of Budapest, as part of the PAN-LNG project.

The opening of the station allows Hungary to now join the European Transatlantic Network (TEN-T) with one corridor extending 550 km and the other by 420 km.

The primary objective of the project is to prepare the deployment of the infrastructure network necessary for the development of LNG-fueled transport in Hungary and to implement the first filling points and ensure their supply. It also allows for Hungarian transport companies to buy LNG-fueled vehicles for domestic freight transport.

The construction of the public LNG and CNG filling station was carried out by Pannon Fuel, with a total investment of over €1.2 million ($1.35 million),  85 % of which comes from EU funds.

As part of the PAN-LNG Project, the construction of a domestic LNG production plant has also started.