“When you have more diversity in an executive management team, it does drive a different answer. Society is better-off and ultimately, the planet is better-off.”


Chief Commercial Officer, Tellurian Inc.

I work for Tellurian Inc. as Chief Commercial Officer. I am based in Houston, but I am required to travel quite extensively to ensure that I support Tellurian and the Driftwood LNG project on its commercial activities.

My job 
The mission of Tellurian is to build a global gas business including an LNG export project called Driftwood LNG in the Gulf Coast of the United States. Our aim is to be the lowest cost supplier of LNG in the Gulf Coast. We will achieve this through building a partnership structure that leverages US gas production, pipe-lines and terminal infrastructure that we will own. By removing margins in the supply chain, we will deliver the lowest cost gas molecules on the water.

My goals
My mission within Tellurian is to help explain the Tellurian story to potential partners in the simplest possible manner and ultimately to manage the commer-cial aspects of the partnership that we intend to build. As a start-up, we have a lot of balls in the air and we are moving as fast as possible. So, one other part of my role is to work with other Tellurian employees to ensure that, from a com-mercial perspective, all the elements of the company are joined up and focused in the same direction.


185 avenue Charles de Gaulle
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine – France

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